Application example – knitted preform for airplane wing

The application presented in the paper refers to a knitted preform for an airplane wing (glider). It was intended to knit a 3D shape identical to the wing. The preform was used to produce the composite material (through RTM).

Type and geometry of the knitted preform

The airplane wing prototype was defined using NACA 4 digital profile, according to specifications. Fig. 32 presents the geometry and dimensions of the chosen profile.

The wing is characterised by the following aspects:

• A difference in width between the beginning and the end of the wing – that requires successive narrowing;

• The difference between the two extremities is 60 mm, determining the narrowing slope;

• The fabric thickness for the outer layer is 5 mm;

• There are two interior walls with 5 mm thickness and different heights, according to the wing cross section: 79 mm – for the higher wall, and 64 mm – for the smaller wall.

Application example - knitted preform for airplane wing

Updated: September 30, 2015 — 3:56 pm