Base Map Preparation

Before any design work can begin, a base map showing existing site conditions and features of the site is needed. The clients should supply information about their site including house plans, property survey, and topographic survey. If this information is complete enough, the designer is able to draw a base map of the site at an appropri­ately selected scale (Figure 4—2). If this information is not readily available, the designer may need to take and record measurements of the house and site. These measurements may then be used to draw a base map. A more thorough description of site measuring and preparation of the base map is given in Chapter 6.

Site Inventory and Analysis

The designer should conduct a site inventory and analysis (sometimes called a site study). In this step, the designer first catalogues (inventories) and then evaluates (analyzes) important existing site conditions that may influence the design, such as site location, character of the surrounding neighborhood, zoning ordinances, build­ing codes, topography, drainage, soil, vegetation, climate, utilities, and views (Fig­ure 4—3). The designer should become very familiar with the site and thoroughly understand the site’s character, its problems, and its potentials. The more the designer is aware of the specifics of a particular site, the more easily and appropriately decisions can be made in preparing the design. Site inventory and analysis are discussed in greater detail in Chapter 7.

Figure 4-2

Base map.

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