Base Plane

The base plane or floor of an outdoor space supports all activities and site elements in the outdoor environment. It is the plane on which people walk, run, sit, work, recreate,


Figure 2-2

Outdoor space should be thought of as being similar to indoor spaces.


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and play. As such, the base plane receives the most direct use and wear. Areas of a site that endure intense or concentrated use are typically covered with a hard surface such as pavement, whereas other areas that receive infrequent use are most often covered with a soft surface such as lawn, ground cover, or mulch. Significantly, the base plane is the primary plane on which the designer organizes the proposed design. The organization of uses (or functions) in residential design is determined directly on the base plane. It is important to understand that good design starts with function, and functional organi­zation begins on the base plane.

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