Front Entry Approach

Existing (Figure 14-28, left) The front entry, complete with white trim, decorative door, and overhead lamp, makes this entrance easy to see from the street. But, the ac­tual entry space and access steps to it are very much hidden from view. It is not until the visitor is immediately adjacent to the steps that the view becomes more open and inviting. The large shrub and hedges create a fairly tight and enclosed space. The own­ers wish to have a more open and inviting approach to their front door.

Proposed (Figure 14-28, right) Removing the existing shrubs and hedges will open up the front entry space. To provide a sense of space, it is recommended that a low formal hedge be established that highlights a few ornamental urns. Being able to see the stone steps and stone ashlar paving pattern will add to the formal character. Increasing the area at the top step, curving the steps, and flanking the steps with a rail­ing will also make for a more welcoming entry.

Front Entry Terrace

Existing (Figure 14-29, left) Once visitors arrive at this entry space, the view into it is very bland and limited. Other than the two pots adjacent to the steps, there is a lack of annual/perennial color to help highlight the space. Some of the plant ma­terials along the front of the house are overgrown and poorly maintained. Although there is access from this space into the front yard, it looks incidental to the design. The view over the shrubs along the front of the house emphasizes a view into the neighbor’s front yard.

Proposed (Figure 14-29, right) Several things can be done to improve this front entry space. Redesign the entry steps and railing to make for a more open and comfort­able approach. Provide a shorter formal hedge with enough room for annual/perennials. Create a space across the front of the house to provide a view from the entry space as well as from the bay window. Incorporate a group of ornamental trees with a special urn to serve as a focal point for visitors as they approach the front door.

Updated: October 17, 2015 — 12:32 pm