Bathroom Planning

Planning a bathroom requires knowledge about many concepts related to people and their houses. The designer must draw on information about plumbing and electrical systems, bathroom fixtures, finishes, and the people who will be using the space.

This chapter presents background information about the type and location of bathrooms within the home, and gives key information about specific planning issues for various bathroom centers. Information about planning for different types of users is integrated into each section. The National Kitchen & Bath Association Bathroom Planning Guidelines and related Access Standards are pre­sented as they relate to the bathroom centers. These Guidelines and Standards are presented in Appendix A in summary format.

Learning Objective 1: identify the right bath type for your client and their home.

Learning Objective 2: Describe the various centers (grooming, bathing, toileting) and space planning considerations that combine to create the bathroom layout.

Learning Objective 3: Describe how the Bathroom Planning Guidelines and Access Standards can be used to design bathrooms that meet building code requirements and human factors recommendations.

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