Comfort Station

In creating an inviting and relaxing space, comfort is a top priority, and new materials and tech­nologies are used to design these elements of comfort.

• Tubs not only contour to the body, but are made of a soft, resilient material to cushion the body as the bather enjoys the relaxing hydrotherapy.

• Cushioned and heated toilet seats have been available in other parts of the world and have made a fairly recent appearance in the North American market. These high-tech toilets also warm your feet, play music, light up, and raise and lower the cover as you approach and leave.

• Additional comfort is added through heated floors so people no longer step out of the tub onto an icy, cold surface.

• Warm towels are very comforting to people as they step out of the shower, or used to warm up muscles before beginning exercise. Towel warmers and warming drawers make warm towels available.


Meditation rooms or spaces provide a quiet place to relax and reflect. Japanese rock and sand gardens allow the user to create a peaceful setting. A space devoted to exercises like yoga, helps create a relaxing end to a busy day.

Comfort Station

FIGURE 1.27 Larger bathrooms can turn into a spa with the inclusion of a whirlpool and de­luxe shower.

Design by NKBA member: John A. Petrie, CMKBD


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