Medicine Cabinet

The medicine cabinet is the old standby for storage at the grooming center. Its shallow depth makes it suitable for many small grooming items. There are many sizes and styles available, and this type of storage can be useful. Medicine cabinets can be recessed into the wall, partially re­cessed, or surface-mounted. They can be placed centered over the lavatory, to the side, or on the returning wall, making contents easier to reach.

If the medicine cabinet is to be recessed, it is important to locate the studs as well as the plumbing, and place the cabinet within the framing. This decision must be made before construction begins.

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FIGURE 6.28 Many creative and convenient storage options are available to meet recommendations for adequate storage (Bathroom Planning Guideline 22). These include furniture pieces (a), baskets (B), recessed shelves and niches (C), wall hooks (D), and a pole with adjustable shelves (E).

(A) Photography by Keller and Keller. Used with permission from Better Homes and Gardens® maga­zine. Copyright © 2003 Meredith Corporation. All rights reserved; (B) Courtesy of American Wood – mark; (C) Design by NKBA member: Anthony Binns; (D) Courtesy of Moen (E) Design by NKBA members: Tim Scott and Erica Westeroth, CKD

A surface-mounted medicine cabinet can be placed anywhere, but may need to be secured into the studs to assure the weight does not pull it off the wall. The medicine cabinet can be moved to the side of the lavatory, which puts it within the reach of more users. Other items such as a large mirror, window, or decorative design can be placed above the lavatory.

Today medicine cabinets are available with features that can enhance the grooming experience by providing integrated televisions into the mirror and electrical and auxiliary outlets for grooming appliances, music, and other entertainment features. The placement of these cabinets should be at a height that is convenient for the height of the user’s upper body and reach range.

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