The mirror is an important feature of the grooming center. Several of the center’s activities— applying make-up, hair care, and shaving—require users to view themselves in a mirror. This typi­cally means a mirror is placed above the lavatory, but placing the mirror adjacent to the lavatory, in a vanity space, may also be convenient.

It is recommended that mirrors be placed with consideration for the users’ eye height and line of sight (Bathroom Planning Guideline 23) (Figure 6.29).

Having the bottom edge of the mirror extend to the top of the counter allows for shorter people, seated people, and children to more easily see themselves. Access Standards state the bottom of the mirror should be a maximum 40 inches (1016 mm) above the finished floor. Don’t forget to extend the height of the mirror so that it fits the taller user, as well.

Separate mirrors placed at each user’s height can provide a custom fit, and an adjustable height or tilting mirror might also provide a solution. A full-length mirror in the bathroom is a universal design solution that can serve the needs of people of all heights, including children, and provide a final check after dressing.

Подпись: FIGURE 6.29 The mirror at the vanity should be placed at the user's eye level (Bathroom Planning Guideline 23). This arrangement has counters and mirrors planned for a tall and short user with storage, including an appliance garage, separating the two areas.

To minimize glare, lighting should be selected and placed on either side of the mirror in a position that shields the light source from the naked eye. Refer to chapter 7, “Mechanical Planning," for more information on lighting placement.


Towels need to be planned throughout the bathroom so that they are convenient to the user when needed (Bathroom Planning Guideline 23). At the grooming area, washcloths and hand towels are needed for face washing and hand drying. Guest towels might be stored and displayed in some powder rooms or guest baths.

Placement of all towels should be within the universal reach range of 15 inches (381 mm) to 48 inches (1219 mm) above the floor. Towel bars and towel rings are typical devices for storage and should be placed close to the lavatory so that water does not drip on the floor. Figure 6.30 illustrates sizes of hanging and folded towels that might be used in the bathroom.

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