More Than a Bathroom

Often a bathroom design or renovation may include the opportunity to plan and design other activity spaces in the home. Typically, these spaces are still located in the private area of the home, and are often within the bathroom or adjacent to it. Designers may need to help the client rethink such functional spaces as clothes storage and laundry areas that are being incorporated into the new design.

Clients may also be looking for space within, or next to, the bathroom to address their interest in health and wellness. Exercise spaces and luxury home spas may be requested by clients who see these areas as important to their ability to take care of themselves or to pamper their mind and body. This chapter provides guidance to consider and plan closets, laundry, and health and wellness areas, so you can offer the client functional and beautiful spaces.

Learning Objective: Discuss auxiliary spaces that are adjacent to or within the bathroom that include: clothes closet, dressing area, linen closet, laundry area, exercise area, and home spa.


Given that a bathroom is a place for people to take off—and put on—clothing, then including a clothes closet in or near it makes a lot of sense. As a bathroom designer, you are likely to be in­volved in designing clothes storage of some type. This may range from temporary clothes storage during bathing or showering to a complete walk-in closet. You may design an area for hanging clothes, or include drawers and shelves for all types of clothing.

During your initial client interview and needs assessment (see chapter 5, "Assessing Needs"), you will want to discuss clothes storage requirements with your client. This chapter focuses on design­ing a full clothes closet, but also includes useful information on all types of clothes storage. You can adapt the information to the situation of your particular client.

Updated: October 9, 2015 — 11:37 pm