Multipurpose Space

Just as the kitchen has evolved into the "hub" of family activities, the bathroom is now taking on a similar role in some homes, with parts of the bathroom space providing a place for family mem­bers to gather, share time together, and communicate about the day’s activities. Compartmentali – zation provides the privacy needed, so that open spaces can be enjoyed by many.

• Massage space. Some luxury bathrooms are incorporating space for a massage table.

• Exercise room. A room devoted to exercise may adjoin some large luxury bathrooms.

• Spa room. Large bathrooms may have a room devoted to spa features such as a sauna, whirl­pool or steam room.

• Multiple entries. A second bathroom with more than one entrance (see Figure 1.30) provides a means for establishing a guest suite without adding another bathroom. Examples include an entrance from one bedroom and the hall, or a bathroom between two bedrooms.

Multipurpose Space

FIGURE 1.29 Coffee and a quick morning breakfast can be served up as you prepare for

the day with this morning kitchen located in • Laundry area. Because most laundry is produced in bedrooms and bathrooms, designers and the master bathroom. builders are incorporating a laundry area, or even a second laundry area, into or near the bath-

Courtesy of Wellborn Cabinet, Inc. room and bedroom area. Chapter 9, "More Than a Bathroom," contains more details on plan­

ning a laundry area.

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