Start your dimensioned design drawing with the priority areas of the plan. These are the ele­ments that are not moveable, demand the most space, or are most important to the client. For example, you might start your dimensioned drawing with the toilet area because plumbing con­nections dictate the location. Or you might start with a shower, because that is going to be the focal element.

Подпись: FIGURE 10.7 A rough elevation sketch, taken from the visual diagram in Figure 10,6, begins to show vertical relationships and encourages you to begin thinking about details such as the placement of plumbing fittings and door swings, NKBA

Let’s say you are going to start with the toilet area. Place the toilet, draw the centerline, and dimen­sion the needed clearances on either side of the toilet. Planning Guideline 20 recommends 18 inches (457 mm) of clearance on either side of the toilet, so place the toilet (in its existing location) so that there is 18 inches (457 mm) of clearance from the centerline to the wall (see Figure 10.8). An ad­ditional 18 inches (457 mm) of clearance is needed on the other side of the toilet.

PRIORITY AREASПодпись: FIGURE 10.8 in this example, based on the visual diagram in Figure 10,6 for clients Adia and Leroy, the toilet compartment is placed first as this loca-tion is preferred by the client, NKBA
In our example, the toilet and clearances take 36 inches (18 inches + 18 inches) (914 mm = 457 mm + 457 mm). Because the toilet will be in a compartment, an additional 4 1/2 inches (115 mm) of wall thickness must be included in our calculations (only one wall thickness is needed as the toilet compartment is against the room wall). Therefore, the toilet compartment uses 40 1/2 inches (1029 mm). The total dimension of the wall where the toilet is placed is 177 inches (4496 mm). So we can determine how much space is remaining for the placement of the jetted tub and custom shower, as is shown here and illustrated in Figure 10.8.

total wall length

Подпись: 177 inches 4496 mm - 18 inches - 457 mm 159 inches 4039 mm - 18 inches - 457 mm 141 inches 3582 mm - 4У2 inches - 115 mm 136У2 inches 3467 mm clearance from centerline of toilet to wall

needed clearance from centerline of toilet, on opposite side

wall thickness for toilet compartment

available wall length for placement of jetted tub and custom


If there is a second priority area in your plan, follow the same procedure for placing the fixture, cabinetry, or other elements. Determine the needed clearances, and subtract from the overall wall dimension. For example, Figure 10.9 shows the placement of the custom shower in the bathroom, after the toilet has been located. In our example, we have allowed 6 1/2 inches (165 mm) for the wall between the shower and the bathtub, so that there is room for plumbing in the wall (wet wall) as well as the installation of ceramic tile—while maintaining a minimum clear dimension of 48 inches (1219 mm) in the shower interior.

After placing the custom shower, verify the remaining wall length, as follows:

Подпись: 1З6У2 inches 3467 mm - 48 inches -1219 mm 88У2 inches 2248 mm - 6У2 inches -165 mm 82 inches 2083 mm wall length remaining shower interior dimension

wall thickness for shower

available wall length for placement of jetted tub

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