Storage is needed at the tub for the activities occurring there (Bathroom Planning Guideline 22). Within the tub area, hair care products and shaving supplies may be needed regularly, and a shelf recessed within the wall to hold them would be a good option (see Figure 6.43).

Storage should be provided for occasionally used items that help with a relaxing bath. Bath salts and oils, candles, loofahs, and exfoliating sponges may be stored at the tub, on a shelf, or in a cabinet. Items used regularly in the tub (sponges, tub toys) should be placed where they can dry out, to avoid a mold problem.


Towels and washcloths should be stored close by the tub, and towel bars should be reachable from inside the tub (Bathroom Planning Guideline 23). Hanging bath towels require a 22-inch (559 mm) to 24-inch (610 mm) high space on the wall, while bath sheets require a 36-inch (914 mm) high space. Towel bars, towel rings, and hooks are all possible solutions in this area. Towel warmers or a warming drawer can be planned for a special drying experience.

Grab bars can be used in place of towel bars, but towel bars should not be placed where they will be used as grab bars. Towel bars have not been designed to withstand the weight of someone pulling on them. Accessible towel placement is between 15 inches (381 mm) and 48 inches (1219 mm) off the floor.


Подпись: FIGURE 6.44 The recommended clearance in front of the shower is 30 inches (762 mm). The minimum clearance is 24 inches (610 mm) (Bathroom Planning Guideline 4). Подпись: MINIMUM


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