. Evolution of a design for change: a case study

Ingunnarskoli in Reykjavik is a new school design model for Iceland. This learning environment design integrates educational planning, programming and design during the decision making. The school is a new basic school at Grafarholti, a new neighbourhood on the edge of the capital. It is designed for 400 students in grades one to ten, the standard basic school configuration in Iceland. The school aspires to be a place for learning that is based on the needs of children, their families and their communities. The project is under construction.

The process for making decisions about this new school is called ‘Design Down’. It starts with the biggest issues, such as the overall context, and moves toward more detailed aspects. Its goal is to make all the parts (expectations, process, partnerships, technology, etc.) complement each other. Through this process, the physical space will support all elements of how the school is organized (students, time, curriculum, staff, etc.) and thus fit with the learning process. The Design Down

Committee, a multi-stakeholder group of parents, teachers, administrators, students, employers, neighbours and other concerned citizens, makes the decisions.

Updated: September 28, 2015 — 4:41 am