Early in the design process the learning signature is developed. The learning signature focuses on what is special and unique; it becomes the identity of the school. While most school-planning processes include consideration of mission, vision, values and logo, these components are rarely linked together in a compelling and highly meaningful concept for the school. Giving a school a special focus provides coherence, consistency and spirit to the school and thereby adds to the quality of the learning experience and accomplishments. At Grafarholti, the Design Down Committee defined four themes as their highest priorities: community, nature, spirit and flow.

The signature for Ingunnarskoli integrates these themes into a graph image (see Figure 3.7). A circle represents community, nature is indicated by a green colour, a wave symbol is incorporated which is symbolic of flow, and the image of a child


Figure 3.7

imbedded in the graphic implies the spirit. The signature becomes a major driver of the physical design itself.

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