Modelling and Simulation Software

For modelling and simulation purposes there are numerous software packages cur­rently in use in the pulp and paper industry. In general terms, it is possible to subdi­vide them into three groups: [22]

and thus providing the full functionality and at the same time safeguarding the undisclosed code (Maybock, 2004). In line with this, big equipment suppliers like Andritz and Metso have bought companies that develop flow­sheet-oriented software. Now, only a few software suppliers are indepen­dently active on the market.

• Software for data analysis and data-based modelling and simulation— This type of software is typically applied in cases where no physical models are available or even the question of cause and effect is unresolved. Data analysis followed by modelling can be performed as described earlier. Typ­ical examples are wet end chemistry modelling issues. A typical example for this type of software is Matlab (mathworks) (Mathworks, 2002, 2005).

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