Visualised іімюітматюім

As most of these control rooms are used for continuous operation, ergonomic aspects are also very important. This includes the design and usability of the lighting and furniture (consoles, chairs, and work surfaces), as well as the technological aspects (with a 24/7 capability). Depending on the technology, the following information and data can be displayed on a large display system: SCADA and DCS systems, maps, grids, networks (for example, power grids, pipelines, roads, and rail networks), video sources (CCTV cameras, Internet protocol [IP] cameras, DVD, and VCR), servers or workstations, production processes, presentations, timetables, surveillance systems, alarms, flow diagrams, and status messages.

In principle all kinds of electronic information should be possible to be dis­played. The different areas (for example, telecom, energy, security, and so forth) have different requirements, but also within the same area the requirements can­not be generalised. Every control room project is unique and has its own specific requirements that have to be considered in the design.

Updated: September 26, 2015 — 5:17 pm