Philippe Poitou was survived by three sons, all of them ebenistes: the eldest, another Philippe, lived in the enclave ofSaint-Jean-de-Latran. and the youngest. Jean, had settled in Orleans. The second son. Joseph Poitou, born between 1680 and 1685. started by work­ing in his father’s workshop, and he is mentioned as being there at the time of his marriage in 1708 to Claude Chevanne. He received as a marriage portion from his parents the value of a work-bench and set of tools. At this time the couple settled in the aie Notre – Dame-des-Victoires and Joseph Poitou l>ecame a mar – chand-ebeniste, taking over his father’s establishment. The protection of the Due d’Orleans was to ‘under­write their son to hold a warrant from Mgr. le Due d’Orleans to open a shop and work at his said metier in this town’. Following this. Poitou executed works for the Due d’Orleans at Saint-Cloud. A note in the inven­tory taken after his death in 1719 indicates that Cres – sent was owed *250L. with 40L due to the artisans who worked for the deceased at the Chateau de Saint – Cloud and 210L. partly for the payment of expenses incurred and partly to the business’. In 1717, on the

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