Flush toilets with access to piped water, drainage and. electricity

In urban and many rural situations, especially in the more heavily populated rural areas of Europe and parts of North America, full services are often available within a reasonable distance of the toilet site. Usually they will run along the public highway, and can be connected to the site with a relatively short run of pipes of cables. These allow for the highest standard of facility, with fully flushing units, hot and cold running water for hand washing, lighting, heat to reduce the risk of frost damage if the toilets are open all year, electric hand dryers and so on.

As long as a gravity connection with the foul sewer main can be obtained, then low maintenance can be virtually guaranteed, which will offset the increased cost of construction and the expense of connection. If the site does not permit a gravity connection, for example when the main is higher than the toilet, a pump is needed. This will not be a problem, but it will require some maintenance.

Flush toilets with mains services are almost standard in most areas of Britain, and are the most expensive of the types described. Visitors expect such a standard everywhere, and there could be some concern over non-flushing types if these are used. However, if any unit is well equipped, clean and well maintained there should be few causes for complaint.

Updated: October 1, 2015 — 11:06 pm