Loop road

The tent area is accessed by car from a loop road. Each pitch is provided with a parking spur. Next to this is a tent area, a picnic table and a fireplace. In the most primitive type the pitch can be an open space, a little distance from the car, cleared of stumps and stones, and with a grassy surface. Logs can be
provided as simple benches, and a circle of boulders for a hearth. A slightly more improved variety can be given a better surface, nearer to the car, with a hearth equipped with a grill or kettle hook and a sturdy bench. A further upgrade could have special pitches of level, smooth surface provided with a steel hoop fireplace or a steel altar fire and a picnic table. Toilets, showers, water and rubbish disposal will be concentrated at a focal point of one or more loops.

Central parking

Cars are left at a central parking area and campers walk into the camping area carrying their kit. The pitches are sparsely equipped ones, as described in the first option above. Small paths lead from the main trail into secluded spaces where trees and shrubs come close to the tent, providing effective separation between units in terms of sight and sound. Rubbish is either taken out completely or left at a receptacle by the car park, where a standpipe and vault toilet will also be provided.

This layout is also suitable for those remote camping areas where access is by boat or float plane. Instead of the car parking area there is a jetty, or else use is made of a gently shelving beach.

This option is likely to be more suited for those people seeking a quieter, more solitary, wilder experience, and who do not require so much equipment.

Updated: October 10, 2015 — 4:56 pm