Painting trees

In forested countries tree-trunks are often painted with markings. Sometimes circles of paint are used; a circular template is placed against the tree, and the marking is applied by spray can or brush. In other places like Sweden smooth rings are shaved in the rough bark of pine trees and a complete ring painted around it. The shaved bark ensures a more solid colour and reduces the risk of the bark’s flaking and losing the mark.

Fastening signs to trees

Wooden or plastic signs can be fastened to trees with wire loops or nails. For example, along the Alexander Mackenzie Heritage Trail in British Columbia special printed plastic signs showing the symbol of the trail have been fastened to trees using nails that are only partly driven in, so allowing for tree growth and easy removal. This may be unacceptable to some people because of damage to the trees, the need to tighten wire loops, or bark expanding to absorb nails and splitting off Plaques.

Updated: October 7, 2015 — 8:24 pm