Play for children with disabilities

The play area, structures and activities should be widely accessible to children with disabilities. With some help from their parents or friends they should be able to obtain as much of the play experience as possible. Slides, ropeways, swings, water diversions, pond dipping, mazes and drawbridges are all examples of features capable of being used by children with

Play for children with disabilities

Safety and the proximity of different pieces of

equipment must be considered: (a) This layout allows safety or minimum-use zones around different play structures.


These must not overlap. (b) An example of recommended minimum-use zones around moving equipment such as a swing.

disabilities, under supervision and perhaps with some help. Such delights should be available to all and are worth the extra effort, especially for disadvantaged children, who may be experiencing them for the first time.

Updated: October 3, 2015 — 11:27 pm