Viewing platforms

A variation on the theme of viewing towers is platforms constructed to jut over a cliff or steep slope in order to provide a better and safer view of an exciting feature by a number of people. Examples include a more dramatic view of a waterfall or a downward view into a canyon or river.

Viewing platforms

A roofed observation tower constructed around four large tree-

trunks, which are mounted on concrete bases. The roof shades viewers in summer and helps to protect the timber structure from decay.

Подпись: A platform jutting out from a steep slope helps to give an elevated view, and is specially designed to be wheelchair accessible. However, the view from a wheelchair may be obscured by the railing in this example from Mount St Helens, Washington, USA.

Viewing platforms can be cantilever structures jutting out from solid ground, often with struts underneath to give additional support. Their construction should be similar to that of bridges, viewing towers and railings, and involve structural engineers in their design, construction, inspection and maintenance. Platforms have the advantage of being readily accessible from trails by people with disabilities and generally of being more stable and easier to construct than towers.

Updated: October 8, 2015 — 10:43 am