Two Types of Reuse

There are two types of reuse: deliberate and unintended reuse. The first occurs when prod­ucts and services are reused in a way that is expected and intended. Deliberate reuse can span many types, including objects that are reused in similar ways as the original intended usage and those that are planned for complete­ly different uses. Unintended reuse, such as the Artechnica bottles shown in the preceding pages, can’t really be anticipated by develop­ers. It’s fantastic when it occurs, but it’s not something most designers should spend time pondering about (aside from the strategies of dematerialization, making their products dura­ble and easy to disassemble, and so on). Make and Ready Made magazines[59] are great sources of ideas for unintended reuse.

Updated: October 5, 2015 — 12:22 pm