DENIZOT. 1715-82; MASTER 1760

Pierre Denizot was the son of an ebeniste who was also a dealer, living in the me de Richelieu. He obtained his mastership in 1740 but did not register until twenty years later, probably continuing to work until then in his father s workshop, as has been suggested by Salvcrte. Later on he settled in the rue Neuve-Saint-Roch in a workshop which also doubled as a shop, where he remained until his death. An ebe­niste of reknown, he became the book-keeping adjudi­cator to his guild between 1764 and 1766 and in 1776 became main supplier to the Comte d’Artois. to whom he delivered a wide range of furnishings be­tween 1776 and 1782 for the Palais du Temple. Baga­telle. Saint-Germain-en-Laye and Maisons. To the young Due d’Angouleme he supplied a large com­mode in solid mahogany. At the same time Denizot was working for the Comte de Provence. According to Salverte he left at the time of his death ‘four commodes ordered for Monsieur which are still in­complete’ (Arch. Nat. Y 13974). In fact, the mar – chand-mercier Philippe-Ambroise Sauvage. who ap­parently supplied the Comte de Provence with the four commodes by Stockei (see p. 406) was none other than Denizot s son-in-law. It is therefore possible that the celebrated commodes by Stockei/Benneman could have originally had carcases by Denizot.

The inventory drawn up after Denizot’s death ite­mizes jewellery and works of art. evidence of his pros­perity. An auction of his assets took place soon after his death in July 1782, and the advertisement in the Armonces indicates the size of his stock and notes that he had in his possession ‘bronze mounts and models’ (‘Sale of the furniture of the late Sieur Denizot. ebe­niste. today and the following days. A quantity of tulipwood, amaranth, mahogany, ebony and other woods…’).


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