Rachel Hutchinson

"My designs come about through experimentation; through getting a piece of cardboard or a piece of thin plywood, manipulating it into a form that I tike and developing that into a piece of furniture. My aim within that is to be original as far as I can be. as aware as I am of what has gone before. I aim not to repeat but to innovate ‘

Rachel Hutchinson

Rachel Hutchinson

Rachel Hutchinson

Rachel Hutchinson 73

‘Zero X’ bathroom cabinet

Sycamore and gold leaf with convex mirror.

150 x 600mm diameter / 6 x 24 in ‘Corset’ pedestal

Ash and oak with plywood.

The upper corset hangs by an almost invisible nylon thread creating the impression of the sculpture suspended in mid-air.

Rachel Hutchinson900 x 420 x 420mm / 36 x 17 x 17 in

Rachel Hutchinson

Подпись: Robert Ingham

Подпись:Of all the furniture designer-makers who have started and remained successfully in business over the last twenty years, it would not be a gross exaggeration to state that the bulk of them were trained at Parnham College under the guidance of its principal Robert Ingham. Robert’s exacting standards and patient guidance have been a major influence on a string of graduates that are now the backbone of the British designer­making industry. After twenty years at Parnham, creating furniture as and when his commitments would allow, Robert has now settled in a beautiful valley in North Wales designing and making furniture full time.

Wardrobe and dressing table Swiss pear and weathered ripple sycamore.


1980 x 2440 x 61 Omm 78 x 96 x 24 in. Dressing table:

1320 x 1370 x510mm 52 x 54 x 20 in.

Dining/conference table

American red oak and burr oak. 2000mm diameter / 79 in.


Rachel Hutchinson

Table with drawers

Swiss pear and weathered ripple sycamore.

760 x 1000 X 430mm / ЗО X 39 X 17 in.


Rachel Hutchinson

Treasure chest

Burr elm, bog oak and ripple


150 x 460 x 250mm / 6 x 18 x 10 in.


Rachel Hutchinson

Jewellery box

Ripple and weathered sycamore and purpleheart.

Rachel Hutchinson180 x 410 x 180mm / 7 x 16 x 7 in.

Trinket box

Wenge and burr ash.

50 x 180 x 180mm / 2 x 7 x 7 in.


Rachel Hutchinson

Rachel Hutchinson

Rachel Hutchinson

Подпись: Robert Ingham 79
Rachel Hutchinson

Dressing table mirror

Wenge and amboyna.

670 x 740 x 260mm / 26 x 29 x 10 in.

‘Curtsey’ low table Bleached wenge and burr oak.

460 x 920 x 920mm /18 x 36 x 36 in.

Low table

Bleached wenge, bleached burr oak and patinated copper. 500 x 1070 x 1070mm / 20 x 42 x 42 in.

Rachel Hutchinson
Подпись: "The philosophy behind the making is as important as the actual design ...if you do not put quality and integrity into the work I feel the piece wili not stand the test of time." Petter Southall
Подпись: The Highback Twist chair Steam bent oak with Russia leather seat. 1500 x 500 x 500mm / 59 x 20 x 20 in.

Rachel HutchinsonFor ten years Petter Southall built boats, specialising in the graceful Norwegian Oselver Faering. The making of this boat is an art passed from teacher to pupil – there are no plans, Now as a furniture designer – maker he adheres to the same traditional values.

Rachel Hutchinson

itre 81


Rachel Hutchinson

The ‘Olivia’ china cabinet

The sides and elliptical arch are steam bent from 25mm/1 in. solid book-matched oak. Ripple oak, mouth-blown glass and leather. 2200 x 2450 x 450mm / 87 x 96 x 18 in.

Detail (right)

Cabinet handles in leather bound oak.

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