Gabriel Hotel

Paris, France


The hotel’s Glowing Rooms and Suites provide their inhabitants with a variety of light and sound programmes that correspond to the natural stages of the human sleep cycle, giving users a peaceful and invigorating night. Gently curving walls and LED back-lit sliding doors assure mellow light and soft transitions. Guestroom interiors celebrate Zen minimalist charm in white and pastel. Linear furniture with cruise-liner portholes and curves creates a harmonious balance best expressed in the guestroom centrepiece, a vertical "cabinet" comprised of a mirror-hidden television, a folding desk and a mini bar. Signature ballerinas throughout the property add a whimsical touch to the dreamy 1930s feel.

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1. The colourful shutter is adopted in the white guestroom

2. Natural light is combined with artificial lighting

3. The partition with golden patterns

4. Signature ballerinas

5. The washroom

6. The private SPA

7. A TV set and a folding desk are smartly integrated in the "cabinet"




Updated: September 22, 2015 — 6:28 pm