Establish priorities for implementation

After you have completed your use areas and planting areas to your satisfaction, it is wise to make a list of priorities to accomplish the plan. Decide on the areas that need to be developed first, and tackle them one at a time as your budget and time allow. Here are a few suggestions to help you accom­plish your goals:

• Finish all land leveling and grade changes first.

• Correct all drainage problems before beginning installations.

• Complete all permanent hard surfaces, such as patios, walk­ways, driveways, and structures, first.

• Because trees take time to mature, consider planting them first.

The Low-Maintenance Landscape

With today’s busy lifestyles, homeowners are seeking ways to reduce maintenance in the home landscape. The creation of a low-maintenance landscape requires proper planning and wise choices. This includes identifying areas that require a more manicured look and those that can be less heavily main­tained. There are a number of landscape building materials, plant types, and design strategies that can reduce effort and expense. The best place to begin the low maintenance land­scape is to develop a plan for your property.

Updated: October 8, 2015 — 10:27 pm