Symmetrical triangle arrangement, one-sided

• Pattern: triangular

• Line: inverted T

• Container: pedestal

• Stem support: water-holding foam block (for fresh flowers) or block styrofoam (for permanent flowers)

• Flower-shapes: all one type flower with some having long stems or a combination of line, mass, and filler flowers

Symmetrical triangle arrangement, one-sided

Step 1: Begin by securing the stem support material in the container (Figure 7-17). The water-holding foam or styrofoam should be cut to fill the container completely and extend above the rim. If water-holding foam is used, it should be presoaked to ensure that

Symmetrical triangle arrangement, one-sided

it contains adequate water. The block of material is secured with waterproof tape applied as two cross-strips from side to side of the container and over the block of foam.

Step 2: Measure, cut, and wire the tallest vertical flower. Its length should be at least 1V2 times the height of the container.

Step 3: Measure, cut, and wire the two major horizontal flowers. They should be V2 the length of the vertical flower.

Step 4: Place the three flowers into the container, pressing them far enough into the foam to secure them. The vertical line flower should be in the center of the container and angled back just slightly. The two horizontal line flowers should be in the center of the container and angled slightly downward. These three flowers establish the size and shape of the design—an equilateral triangle.

Step 5: Add additional flowers, staying within the triangular line. Each pair of flowers should be positioned at equal points right and left of center to retain the symmetrical balance of the design.

Step 6: Flowers should be small at the edges of the arrangement and increase in size and mass as they approach the focal point.

Step 7: Place the flowers so that the arrangement has a slightly convex appearance when viewed from the side.

Step 8: Foliage and filler flowers can be added to complete the arrangement. They, too, should respect the symmetry and shape of the design.

This arrangement can be varied by keeping the triangle symmetrical

but not equilateral. A candle or figurine can be used as the focal point

instead of massing flowers. Also, the container can be changed.

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