The Most Common Uses of the Computer

Most businesses of America and the developed nations have embraced computer technology, and are quick to accept and incorporate each new advancement. The companies of the green industry are no different. The most common software programs are of three types: (1) word processing; (2) numerical calculations; and (3) graphic visualization. In addition, the explosive growth of the Internet gives companies in the most remote locations access to the nation and the world. Current uses of the com­puter in the offices of American horticulture firms include:

• correspondence

• customer accounts

• accounts payable

• payroll

• taxes

• mailing lists and labels

• inventory records

• accounts receivable

• billing

• sales analysis

• e-mail

• office newsletters and promotional mailings to customers

Beyond the office, industry-specific operations include:

• greenhouse environmental control

• soil and media mixing

• labeling of plants

• landscape specification preparation

• quantification of materials for construction

• plant selection

• irrigation system design and graphics

• landscape design and graphics

• cost estimating

• technical calculations such as cut and fill

• geographic information systems

• weather data

• Internet access to catalogues and current prices of suppliers

• web page promotion of their company, its products, and services

Updated: October 12, 2015 — 7:07 pm