Landscape design in urban environment

In this section landscape design is discussed in urban context. From a wider perspective, urban landscape is a part of urban matrix. Therefore design of urban landscapes should be considered as an integral part of urban design. Urban landscape design is clearly not urban design, but a crucial part of it. Hence, factors influencing urban design also influence the form and functioning of urban landscapes. It is advised that points stressed out in the previous heading "Urban design and urban life quality" should also be kept in mind while reading this section.

Design is a creative process influenced by designer’s experiences, values, beliefs and vision. Hence it is mostly subjective, so is landscape design. Landscape design is the art of creating and designing aesthetic and functional outdoor environments. Because every landscape is unique, it is hard to define a universal guideline for design process. Nevertheless designing sustainable and liveable environments requires understanding of some basic principles which will guide the designer. Here, I will explain some of the principles which I believe are essential for urban landscape design.

Updated: October 14, 2015 — 6:57 pm