Removal and transfer of the plants

Time effect has a big importance in the success of removal and transfer of plants. As a general rule, overcast and flurry weather should be preferred. But as the tree mover rented from Karabuk Municipality had to be returned maximum two days later, the process had to be carried out in sunny days.

Transplantation season is also important in order to continue a healthy life and adapt quickly to the new soil. Early spring is the most proper season for transplantation as vegetation time doesn’t completely start in this season. More careful removal, transfer and maintenance are needed for plantations that are made in the seasons except transplantation seasons. Mechanic tree mover used in the project studies were required from Karabuk Municipality on March, but it could be taken from the Municipality on May because of its workload. As the season wasn’t very appropriate enough for transplantation, processes during transplantation were carried out very carefully.

Tree removing mechanism was put on the ground from the back of the vehicle and surrounded the tree that will be removed with the opened frame. Knives moving with the electronic system penetrated into the soil according to the points determined by the frame and they were united in a way to shape a dome. The tree and soil was picked up with tree removing device and was placed onto platform and booth vertically, and the tree was ready to be transferred (Figure 14). Distance between the campus and Bogaz district Pinus pinea L. plantation was approximately 20 km. Transfer process was very carefully made as the distance was long.

Updated: October 19, 2015 — 3:59 am