Submain line

Submain pipes are the same type of pipes with main pipes. The highest cost in irrigation systems is cost concerning pipes and mainly main pipes. In choosing of irrigation pipes, pipes which have minimum capacity to meet requirements of flow in system should be chosen. By purpose of water distribution to be provided in different regions in major irrigation systems, dimensions of pipes are changed from a point which is broken into pieces from main pipes and by this way, disposals can be provided, using pipes which carry as need. These pipes transmit water taken from main pipes to manifolds. Manifold line

Manifolds placed under soil are smaller-scale pipes as compared to sub main pipes as other pipes. Manifolds are placed vertical to parcel edges and maintain laterals. Manifolds mostly consist of HDPE pipes. Lateral line

They are the smallest scale pipes within system. Lateral pipes are responsible for transmitting water from manifold pipes to sprinkler pipes. Laterals are placed under soil in landscape irrigation. All pipes in system are tied to each other by help of connectors.

Updated: October 16, 2015 — 10:03 am