The material. Epoxies are thermosetting polymers with excellent mechani­cal, electrical, and adhesive properties and good resistance to heat and chemical attack. They are used for adhesives (Araldite), surface coatings, and, when filled with other materials such as glass or carbon fibers, as matrix resins in composite materials. Typically, as adhesives, epoxies are used for high-strength bonding of dissimilar materials; as coatings, they are used to encapsulate electrical coils and electronic components; when filled, they are used for tooling fixtures for low-volume molding of thermoplastics.



Epoxy paints are exceptionally stable and protective and take color well. Epoxies are used at the matrix of high-performance composite and as high-strength adhesives.

Typical uses. Pure epoxy molding compounds: the encapsulation of electrical coils and electronics components; epoxy resins in laminates: pultruded rods, girder stock, special tooling fixtures, mechanical components such as gears; adhesives, often for high-strength bonding of dissimilar materials; patterns and molds for shaping thermoplastics.

Updated: October 10, 2015 — 5:24 am