Polycarbonate (PC)

The material. PC is one of the "engineering" thermoplastics, meaning that they have better mechanical properties than the cheaper "commodity" polymers. The benzene ring and the —OCOO-carbonate group combine in pure PC to give it its unique characteristics of optical transparency and good toughness and rigidity, even at relatively high temperatures. These properties make PC a good choice for applications such as compact disks, safety hard hats, and housings for power tools.



General properties



Mechanical properties

Young’s modulus Yield strength (elastic limit) Tensile strength Compressive strength Elongation Hardness—Vickers Fatigue strength at 107 cycles Fracture toughness

Ecoproperties: processing

Polymer molding energy Polymer molding CO2 Polymer extrusion energy Polymer extrusion CO2


Embodied energy, recycling CO2 footprint, recycling Recycle fraction in current supply Recycle mark


Typical uses. Safety shields and goggles; lenses; glazing panels; business machine housing; instrument casings; lighting fittings; safety helmets; electrical switchgear; laminated sheet for bulletproof glazing; twin-walled sheets for glazing; kitchenware and tableware; microwave cookware; medi­cal (sterilizable) components.

Updated: October 8, 2015 — 12:28 pm