. LUMBER STORAGE RACKSConstructing the rack

For long-term storage, stacking plywood on end saves valu­able shop floor space. The rack shown at left is built from furring strips, threaded rods, and wing nuts. Start by screwing two l-by-3 furring strips to the studs of one wall, 2 and 5 feet from the floor; first bolt two threaded rods 41/ feet apart into the top strip. Cut a third furring strip and bore a hole through it at one end and saw a notch at the other end to line up with the rods. Both openings should be slightly larger than the diameter of the rods. Place two wood pads on the floor between the rods and stack the plywood sheets upright on them. Holding the third furring strip across the face of the last panel, slip one rod through the hole and the other into the slot. Put washers and wing nuts on the rods and tighten them, pulling the furring strip tightly against the plywood (above). To remove a sheet from the stack, loosen the wing nuts and swing the furring strip up and out of the way.


Подпись: SIDE VIEWПодпись: Footing 1'/2"хЗ'/2"хЗ" Подпись: Arm V/2 "хЗ'/г"х20" . LUMBER STORAGE RACKSFastening the rack to an unfinished wall

The rack shown below, made entirely of 2-by-4 stock, is attached to wall studs and ceiling joists. Lumber can be piled on the arms, while plywood is stacked on edge against the support brackets. You will need at least 8V2 feet of free space at one end of the rack to be able to slide in plywood panels. Begin by cutting the triangular-shaped brackets and screwing them to the studs (right). Cut the footings, slip them under the brackets and nail them to the shop floor. Next, saw the uprights to length and toe-nail their ends to the footings and the joists. Cut as many arms as you need, aligning the first row with the tapered end of the support brackets. Use carriage bolts to fasten the arms to the studs and uprights, making sure the arms in the same row are level. The rack in the illustration features arms spaced at 18-inch intervals.

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