As with any major endeavor, there are many people to thank for their input to this book and our thinking about this work.

Particular recognition and thanks go out to Keith H. Hammonds, Deputy Editor of Fast Company, for taking the time and interest to write the Foreword for this book.

Many people in the companies we write about have spent many hours speaking with us about their work and ideas. In order of appearance in this book, these include Dee Kapur of International Truck and Engine, Chuck Jones of Whirlpool, Edith Harmon and Josh Kaplan of New Balance, Astro Teller and Chris Kasabach of BodyMedia, Stephen Pierpoint of Adidas, Scott Charon and Gabe Wing of Herman Miller, Paul Basar of Lubrizol, Eric Close of RedZone Robotics, Bob Schwartz of Procter & Gamble, James Kyper of Kirkpatrick and Lockhart, Bruce Nussbaum of Business Week, David Kelley of IDEO, and Elizabeth Lewis of Product Insight.

Many students have worked with us in developing this work. These include Hillary Carey, Mark Hamblin, Harlan Weber, and Erika Wetzel. John Bellinger, Nathan Goldbatt, Rachel Lin, and James Raskob developed the quick-change machine tool interface mentioned in Chapter 7. Joshua Aderholt, Jeremy Canceko, Courtney Chu, Luke Hagan, Patrick Marcotte, Seth Orsborn, and Lisa Tsui developed the intelligent insole discussed in Chapter 9.

We are grateful to Jeff Calhoun of VistaLabs for his detailed comments on this manuscript and the ideas behind it. We also thank Anne Akay for her comments on this book and stephen Boatwright for his comments on selected chapters.

We are indebted to our editor, Jim Boyd of Prentice Hall, who has made this process as seamless and as easy as possible. His encour­agement and support throughout are deeply appreciated.

Several colleagues at Carnegie Mellon have provided inspiration and support. Professor Laurie Weingart of the Tepper School of Business has been our partner in teaching the Integrated Product Development course and has worked with us on several research projects. Ilker Baybars and Ken Dunn of the Tepper School of Business, Adnan Akay of Mechanical Engineering, Pradeep Khosla of the College of Engineering, and Dan Boyarski of the School of Design have been active supporters of our effort and proponents of our course.

We would also like to thank the illustrator, Shane Machir, for the artwork. Additional artwork, by Lisa Troutman.


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