Powers of 10 Two: Blending

To properly place the modified water molecule in the oil, it must be blended in a particular way. Thus, machines needed to be designed and built to accomplish this process, adding engineers and possibly suppliers to the list of those who matter to the success of this prod­uct. This was also an opportunity to anticipate the third Powers of 10 level and to think about new opportunities and the need to establish a brand identity for the product and for the company. What form would the blending take? Would it be hidden from view or promi­nently displayed in a machine in the center of the refinery? The decision was the latter, requiring the development of a complete blending unit. The original plan was a gray box hiding the product and company, as Lubrizol was used to doing. But the Powers of 10 analysis indicated that this blending unit also provided the opportu­nity to begin establishing a visual brand identity, drawing attention to the unit and the unique product within.

Updated: October 3, 2015 — 6:07 pm