The first years

The annual maintenance routine consists of intensive weeding, frequent hoeing at certain spots, pruning, seed collecting and sowing, planting and replanting species, mowing as a regulatory measure, thinning and cutting back. It varies from the intensive management of vegetation with managed naturalism to the extensive management of vegetation with a spontaneous self-regulating naturalism. In other words, it varies from strict correction and regulation to global guidance and direction, in accordance with the images and effects one wishes to achieve. Recently cultivated soils in full light, with little to no competition from other individual plants, enable fast growth and change. Trees and shrubs increase in width and height, the open spots of soil becomes rarer and are increasingly covered, competition has become more intense. Meanwhile, mosses have spontaneously appeared everywhere, contributing to an increasingly naturalistic image and helping to refine the colour shades. The formation of leaf mould has commenced, soil erosion and humus formation are taking effect. The soil is developing, and under the trees and shrubs specialised species such as Wintergreen (Pyrola) are able to establish themselves. The first years thus display a wealth of growth and bloom, with colourful effects and abundance all around.

Updated: October 7, 2015 — 8:06 am