Warranty Services

The document obliging the producer to provide periodic, free service repairs is a warranty card. This document should normally include:

• the name of the product or its components covered by the warranty,

• the warranty period for the entire piece of furniture or its components,

• starting date of the warranty validity,

• the territorial area of the warranty validity,

• the warranty conditions, that is the requirements, which fulfilment maintains the warranty services of the guarantor or which unfulfilment causes the loss of these services,

• a description of the complaint procedure, which is a precise description of the acceptance and processing of the complaint and the manner of the implemen­tation of furniture repair,

• description of the furniture construction,

• description of the raw materials and components used, including the charac­teristics of the materials used for making the furniture given in accessible form, including the specifics of the natural origin of components and the resulting conditions, and

• terms of use and maintenance of the furniture, including a description of the allowed and prohibited uses of the furniture and an indication of the ways, means and tools intended for maintenance and care of the furniture.


Warranty for furniture xxx.

The guarantor AAA Ltd. provides good quality and functioning of the furniture, provided that the appropriate rules for their use are followed. The warranty period is 12 months from the date when the furniture has been released to the buyer. The buyer has the possibility of extending the warranty period:

• up to 2 years for the wooden bearing structure of the furniture and

• up to 5 years for the metal frame in products with a reclining function and for the polyurethane foam fillings.

Updated: October 11, 2015 — 9:08 pm