Dialogue between humans and nature

Both the need for wild and undisturbed nature and the need to design na­ture and the environment are deeply rooted in humans and both must be valued. As the writings from 1559 of the Italian humanist Bonfadio show, the idea of a synthesis, or a partnered relationship between humans and na­ture is nothing new: “The garden is the product of an almost alchemistic development process in which nature and art are involved in equal parts and where natural artificiality and artificial nature alternate and combine with one another” (De Jong 1998: 22). Through the combination of both in the creative process something new is created, the so-called third nature.

In order that the idea of a dialogue between humans and nature be given appropriate expression today, a new, contemporary aesthetic language must be developed. This dialogic relationship is reflected most clearly in design with the living material plants.

Updated: October 15, 2015 — 7:19 am