Publicity can raise awareness in the local community as well as educate individuals and secure the support of politicians and decision makers. Good publicity also provides a ‘feel good’ factor amongst stakeholders. Example. We will publicise the project by issuing press releases and mak­ing direct contact with journalists. We will invite local people to share news of the project with their friends and acquaintances. The project will be recorded photographically and these placed on a website. Events will be organised at convenient times (for instance after working hours) and these will be targeted at sections of the community. The services of a local cele­bratory could be sought.


Staff input (or that of experienced volunteers) is frequently necessary to start a project. Staff time is expensive and limited hence a major objective is to make the project as self-sustaining as possible and withdraw staff time as the confidence of local volunteers increase.

Example. We will dedicate (amount of staff time) at the outset of the pro­ject and aim to reduce this by (X)% after (number) months. We will pro­vide free training to local volunteers on how to sustain their activities as staff time decreases and provide free ‘help-line’ telephone numbers if they encounter unexpected difficulties.

Updated: October 10, 2015 — 7:10 am