As stated earlier in this chapter, some designers have the requisite computer skills to de­velop color renderings using various programs—among many others are Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. The two renderings in Figure 15—27 were developed using Adobe Illustrator. Both were developed as “analogous color schemes.” Rather than using colors from most of the color spectrum (reds, oranges, yellows, greens, blues, and violets), each of these renderings focuses on a small range of colors that are closely related.

The drawing on the left uses various values of yellows, tans, and browns. Accent colors include (1) white, for texture on ground cover and water, as a well as for branches in the evergreen shrubs, and (2) rust, for texture on the ornamental tree and for banding in the circular patio. Values are changed to highlight the pattern of the walkway. A variety of values was used for peppering the lawn area and some of the or­namental trees. Yellows and light tans were used on the top left (sunny) portions of the trees, with darker values of tan and brown on the bottom right (shaded) parts.

The drawing on the right uses greenish tints of blues and browns. Just as in the left rendering, a variety of values and colors of peppering and textures was used to add textural interest and highlights to the rendering.

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