In addition to the process of taking measurements, one must also record the measure­ments in an organized and legible fashion. There are three reasons why site measure­ment notes should be orderly. First, the person who records the field measurements may not be the same one who draws the base map in the office. The individual in the office who is given the responsibility for preparing the base map and base sheet must easily understand the field measurement notes without additional explanation. The second reason is that the base map and base sheet may not be created until several days or even weeks after measuring the site. When the measurement notes are re­viewed later, they still need to be easily understood. The third reason for clearly organ­izing field measurement notes is to eliminate the need to return to the site because a measurement either was totally forgotten or was recorded in an illegible manner. Ordered and legible notes save time and money.

To record measurements, it is suggested that graph paper, a copy of the site sur­vey, and/or a printout from a digital source be attached to a sturdy clipboard.

Measurements should be recorded in pencil, because sometimes mistakes are made. The use of a pen or marker is not recommended.

Measuring the Lot

The first undertaking is to determine the shape and size of the lot if this has not al­ready been established by a site survey or obtained from a digital source. The Duncan residence, first introduced at the end of Chapter 5, will be used to show how this should be done. First, sketch the general configuration of the lot on a piece of graph paper fastened to a clipboard. This does not have to be exact or to scale as long as the sketched shape corresponds to what is seen and has the correct number of property corners. Next, give each property corner a numerical notation, such as Roman nu­merals (Figure 6—23). Then, measure each of the property lines from corner to corner.

As measurements are taken, record them on the sketch of the lot. The property for the Duncan residence is a rectangular shape measuring 80′-0" X 150′-0".

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