View Along Walkway

Existing (Figure 14-36, left)

As one enters the backyard and begins to walk toward the back of the house, the en­tire view is seen as wide open. There isn’t any sense of spatial separation between the backyard and the entertaining area. In addition, there is nothing more than lawn and ground cover throughout this entire view. Visually, the screened porch is the focal point of this view. The design challenge is to create a visually attractive view through the yard, along the walk, and into a recognizable entertaining space.

Proposed (Figure 14-36, right) The walkway might be aligned to focus on an orna­mental urn and vertical plant at the end of the view. A small hedge would help define the walkway as an entrance to the entertaining area. An overhead arbor could be used to create a separation and act as a transition between the backyard and the entertaining area. Climbing vines can be used to add color and texture to this structure. Modifying the roof of the porch and adding a railing could help create another outdoor space.

View from Major Patio Space

Existing (Figure 14-37, left) The view from the central area of the entertaining space focuses directly to the south. The neighbor’s house, and particularly the second-floor porch, is the background to this important view. Although the fence does provide a

physical barrier, it does little to restrict views. Additional plantings of various types and sizes can be used to help create a more private space as well as a more visually at­tractive space.

Proposed (Figure 14-37, right) Whether or not a different fence type is proposed, the addition of a taller line of vertical shrubs can be used to block views of the first floor of the neighbor’s house as well as serve as a background for an ornamental tree. This ornamental tree can be sized and positioned as a sculpture, in a lawn panel, to block a view to the second-floor porch. Additional ornamental shrubs and trees can be positioned on the sides to help enframe this fairly formal view.

Updated: October 18, 2015 — 4:32 am