Preparation of middle sized plants for transplantation

Trees that are 10 – 20 m tall are in this group. A denser root nurturing is necessary in transplanting these plants, or else the chance of plants to continue life decreases. This is why; preparations should start 1-2 years before transplanting the plant. Firstly tap part of the plant is pruned strongly but according to the rules. A pit about 30-40 cm is dug around the plant by taking plant’s tap corolla. Especially the depth of pit is significant; all side roots of the plant should fit in to the pit. Roots that appear in the soil that is dug are cut with a sharp device, if the thickness of root is over 1 cm, puttying should definitely be done.

Organic substances, compost, qualified and slight soil mass is filled into the pit in order to ensure the easy growth of roots and accordingly ensure plants to form a strong root system. In this way, many new thin and capillary roots develop. New roots tie soil mass stronger and minimize the risks in transplantation (Figure 3).

While forming the pit, digging part by part can increase the level of success. Digging and filling the pit is extended over 2 years. The area around the plant is divided into 6 equal parts. 3 of these parts (A) are filled as can be seen in (Figure 4), while the other 3 parts (B) are dug and filled in the second year. The aim of this is to prevent the collapse of tree because of a possible wind effect.

Mulching during this process will be helpful for strengthening the root system placed between ditch and plant body. Soil should also be aerated and substances that will enhance development should be used. In this way, plant can be removed easier and better during transplantation. Digging process of a plant that will be removed should be done from a direction that will prevent root ball from splitting (Figure 5).


Fig. 3. Strengthening root system by digging a pit (a: Before pruning long side roots; b: Pruning and shortening long side roots in the dug pit; c: Filling the pit with materials that promote rooting and grown roots).


Fig. 4. Root nurturing in two phases and preparation of plant for transplantation in 3 years.


Fig. 5. Digging direction of the plant.

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