Garage Wall

Existing (Figure 14-35, left) The large blank wall of the garage contributes little or no interest to the character of the yard. This wall will seem even more blank when the garage addition increases by another 10 to 12 feet in length. When faced with situa­tions like this, it is suggested that these types of walls be designed with as much con­cern and creativity as interior walls. Other windows, patterns, and textures can be added to provide a visual attractiveness to the design.

Proposed (Figure 14-35, right) It is suggested that a window, similar to the existing one, be located in the garage addition. This will help with additional light in the garage as well as help break up the larger wall into smaller lengths. A wall trellis with vines can be located between two of the windows. The other length of wall between the existing and the new window can be used to position a hanging planter beneath a wall sculp­ture. A variety of plantings along the base of the garage will add color and character.

Updated: October 18, 2015 — 3:39 am