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Подпись: Centra lavatory fitting. BATHROOM EFF C ENCY

• If your bathroom is Kohler-equipped, which means that the fixtures have Kohler fittings as well, your reward is a smooth-working, matched set of which you can feel proud.

In the bathroom shown, the 5’6" Cosmopolitan Bench Bath, K-526-F, with seat at front, has a popular feature in the Triton shower and bath fitting. The dial mixer tempers the water for either the shower or the tub. After the correct temperature is obtained, raising the knob on the spout diverts the water to the shower head.

The lavatory is the K-1740-C vitreous china Chesapeake, 24×20", with compact Centra fitting illustrated, and the closet indicated in the floor plan is the K-3665-EB close-coupled Bolton.

• Designs appeared on the surface of bathroom fixtures.

• More high-end homes incorporated hydromassage tubs.

• Large tubs that accommodated group soaks remained popular.

• Faucets and controls moved from the lavatory to the counter.

• Pedestal lavatories (see Figure 1.15) and claw-foot tubs remained popular.

• There was a significant increase in the use of small, grooming appliances in the bathroom.

• New toilet designs included models with reduced water use.

• Glass block enjoyed a resurgence.

• Recessed down lighting was part of the lighting plan.

• In 1980, the American National Standards Institute standards were revised to include residential bathroom applications.

BATHROOM EFF C ENCYIn 1984, the Uniform Federal Accessibility Standards were published, providing accessibility guidelines for federal buildings and government-funded apartment buildings


• Sculptured fixtures added softer lines and new interest to the bathroom fixtures.

• Lavatory faucets appeared on the walls, as well as on the lavatory surface and counter.

• Many new types of vessel-style lavatories were introduced in a multitude of materials.

• Whirlpool and jetted tubs were common, especially in the higher-end market.

• Spacious bathrooms incorporated room for many activities, including meditation, exercise, and relaxation.

• Clothing storage and a dressing area were incorporated into larger bathrooms.

• Metallic finishes were added to lavatory surfaces.

• Detailed designs covered the surface of vitreous china fixtures.

• His and her spaces were beginning to emerge.

• Fine furniture was used for a vanity.

• New types of lighting were incorporated, including recessed, low voltage, and compact fluorescents.

• In 1991, Fair Housing Laws required that all new multifamily buildings have adaptable FIGURE 1.12 Smaller bathrooms incorporated units

smaller bathtubs.

Courtesy of Kohler Company


FIGURE 1.13 Bathrooms were now being shown with cabinets along with the lavatory, providing much needed storage.

Courtesy of Kohler Company




• Larger homes of this period brought additional bathrooms and larger bathrooms.

• Energy and water conservation features are incorporated into more eco-friendly bathrooms, some of which were required such as the new U. S. federal mandate which required 1.6-gallon (6 liters) flush toilets in all new residential applications.

• Furniture pieces are taking the place of cabinetry, and contemporary styling is emerging with its clean lines and floating cabinetry (see Figure 1.16).

Подпись: FIGURE 1.14 The 1960S brought many new bold colors to the bathroom. Courtesy of Kohler Company BATHROOM EFF C ENCY BATHROOM EFF C ENCY


• More color is coming into the bathroom, including colored bathroom fixtures and the use of more ornamental design elements.

• The master bath suite becomes multipurpose, incorporating space for two users and activities such as dressing, laundry, and relaxation.

• Feng Shui and the Asian culture are influencing bathroom designs.

• Jetted tubs continue to be popular.

• Vessel lavatories are appearing in many styles, materials, and mounting configurations (see Figure 1.16).

• A heightened awareness of universal design is influencing bathroom design, materials, and styling.

• Showers are more popular than ever and are emerging as the preferred bathing method for most adults.

• The outpost or morning kitchen is added to the master suite

BATHROOM EFF C ENCYTechnology is an important part of the modern bathroom and is used for entertainment, re­laxation, and grooming.


FIGURE 1.15 The pedestal lavatory reappears, especially In powder rooms.

Courtesy of Porcher

• The influence of nature appears in bathrooms through color, materials, and the use of large windows to bring the outside indoors.

• Height of vanity and/or bowls are adjusted up or down to vary with the user.

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