Gastwerk Hotel

Seasoned hotelier Kai Hollmann turned Hamburg’s 19th-century municipal gasworks ("Gaswerk") into Europe’s first loft-style hotel as easily as dropping a "t" into its name, instantly transforming the complex into a "guest works".

The "old" rooms feature original brick walls and arched multipane windows that can be darkened with sliding panels of felt. Finest walnut wood trimmings, tall casement windows and unmasked concrete walls garnish "new" conference rooms and penthouse suites. Rotating propeller-headed ceiling fans pay homage to the many mechanical devices that once whirred away in the power station.

ШШШШ19# ЙШ^Г (ШЙЙ “Gaswerk” )

ІЙ^^ФЙПЛ—ЙЙ# “t” , ШЕЁ$Й7 “Й§± ^”(“Gastwerk”£S®^W“^^”±*)o

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1. The peculiar beauty of the brick wall

2. Living room in the attic suite

3. The attic suite

4. Sitting area in the corridor

5. The working area

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