Water use in the bathtub is largely related to the size of the tub. A tub for soaking needs to have enough water to cover most of a person’s body. Sometimes smaller, but deeper, tubs may use less water. In jetted tubs, the tub must be filled over the jets for operation, so consider the height of the jets. Jets placed lower in the tub can provide an effective massage with less water.


Aerators on faucets are important to water conservation. With an aerator, the air added to the water flow increases the pressure and makes the flow seem greater. Water use is reduced.

Often water is wasted at the bathroom lavatory faucet during a grooming activity (such as teeth brushing) because it is inconvenient to turn the water on and off. A method to control water use is to install a faucet with an electronic, motion-activator control that only turns on when a hand,

toothbrush, or razor is under the faucet. Additionally, foot controls could be used to make it easier to control the faucet to minimize water use.

Updated: September 27, 2015 — 2:08 am