Home Spa Activities

There are many activities, procedures, or therapies that a client may be interested in having in their home spa. Some require specialized equipment, discussed in the next section, along with space planning requirements. However, some can be accomplished with spa products and very little extra space, still providing the client with a luxury experience. The following section explains some terms your clients might use in describing the activities they would like to have.


This is the most basic treatment that can be offered in a home spa. Hydrotherapy uses water as the primary facilitator to treat muscles and reduce stress. Different forms of hydrotherapy include jetted or whirlpool baths, jetted showers, underwater massage, Vichy showers, Swiss showers, Scotch hose (to provide water pressure to certain areas), foot or hand baths, and combining hot/ cold water treatments (Figure 9.22).

Home Spa Activities

FIGURE 9.21 A calming view and natural light add to the enjoyment of a bath.

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